Dubai is recognized as one of the most dynamic, safest and business friendly cities in the world. It has gained this global reputation by having visionary leadership, a commitment to excellence and the ability to attract the best in class talent across every industry and market. Dubai has truly emerged as a city of growth and opportunity. From its humble beginnings as a small merchant trading emirate, the city has evolved into a dynamic business hub supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure that attracts professionals, corporates and investors from across the globe.

These factors have contributed to creating a real estate market that has provided both residents and investors with secure and reliable real estate opportunities for the past 15 years. The mortgage market has followed the real estate market in terms growth and product development. Starting in 2008 when there were only two viable mortgage providers in the market, it has grown rapidly to over 30 mortgage providers (lenders) with over a hundred different mortgage products. Similar to the more mature markets of North America and Europe, lenders in the UAE are also constantly competing over market share and hence their products are frequently evolving and changing to better suit customers.     

Casa Capital is a specialist mortgage consultancy which has been a part of this growth in the Real Estate sector. Casa Capital’s team consists of Mortgage Consultants, Financial Advisors, and Legal Consultants. Our team is made up of British, Canadian, and European professionals who have lived and worked in the UAE for over 10 years. We have over 50 years of combined experience in Mortgage and Financial Advisory gained in the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East. We pride ourselves on having one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in the market. We have strong, established working relationships with most of the major lenders and mortgage providers in the market. This enables us to effectively research, identify, source and close the best mortgage products for our clients’ specific requirements.  

Casa Capital was established to provide our clients with the best independent mortgage advice. Our main focus is on mortgage advisory, real estate and legal consultation relating to your property purchase. We are independent from all the lenders and mortgage providers and can therefore find the best product to match your specific needs. Once we have selected the best mortgage product for you, we then act as your trusted advisor during every stage of your property purchase.

Casa Capital is licensed by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai and regulated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

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