International Property Specialists

UK Real Estate

The UK has always been a very attractive place for investors to purchase property. London and the surrounding areas will always be a popular tourist and business destination. The UK real estate market is the most established property market in the world and offers a robust legal framework for investors to confidently add a UK property to their real estate portfolio. UK real estate has always been an excellent option for Middle East investors to diversify their investments and also give them a foothold in the UK. So, whether you are a UK expat looking to purchase a property back home or you are an investor who has always been attracted to what the UK property market has to offer, Casa Capital has the knowledge and experience to help. 

Casa Capital has built a very strong network of real estate professionals who are able to assist our clients with their property purchases in the UK. We work with real estate brokers, receivers and qualified lawyers on the ground in London, who have access to a variety of properties to fit any budget and/or investment objective. We also have access to law firms that specialize in UK Real Estate and Property Law and can help our clients with the legal and conveyance work related to their purchase. Casa Capital also has formal agreements with British banks and lenders that can help our clients source the best mortgage products for their needs.  Please contact us for a free consultation so that we can better understand your objectives regarding the UK real estate market. 

International Real Estate

Casa Capital Mortgage Consultancy is part of a network of International Mortgage Brokers. This network is able to source mortgage products in over 45 countries. We can act as your local contact during the international mortgage process or simply make an introduction to the network. It really depends on your requirements and how much assistance you require.  We will adapt our service to best suit your needs. The process starts with an initial consultation. This will help us better understand your situation and also give us the information we require to advise you on your options within the network.