Our services start with a free consultation to gain a better understanding of your circumstances and your requirements for a mortgage. Once we have gained a better understanding of your situation we can agree the next steps. Sometimes we may be unable to help but our commitment to you is to be open and transparent about the mortgage options available to you. If you decide to proceed with our service we can move forward in conducting our research in the marketplace to identify the best solution for your circumstances.

In today’s global workplace not all clients fit the standard definition to which most mortgage lenders are accustomed. Clients could have residency or employment criteria which do not conform to standard lending policies and practices. Also many clients do not fully fall under the definition of employed or self-employed applicants and this can cause confusion and misunderstanding with lenders. Finally, each lender within the UAE has its own set of criteria and requirements to which a client must fit. Casa Capital acts as your advisor and advocate to ensure your mortgage application is fully understood by the lender and all associated documents are prepared by us in a tailored manner.  We then focus on acting as the main point of contact with lenders until we receive your Approval in Principal (Pre-Approval confirmation).

Prior to accepting a new client we will review and explain our Terms or Business in full and make sure you have a complete understanding of our process, responsibilities and deliverables to you, and time frames. Only after you understand, agree to and sign our Terms of Business will we proceed with your case.


Whether this is your first property purchase or you are a seasoned home owner or investor looking to build a real estate portfolio, Casa Capital will give you the best mortgage advice. Most lenders offer a limited range of mortgage products that may not be entirely suitable for your specific needs. It is important that we first understand your situation and your objectives. The interest rate on your mortgage is a very important factor when deciding on the right mortgage but there are many other important factors that you need to understand before making the final decision. Casa Capital has the knowledge and experience to analyze and select the best product from across the whole market, and our team will help ensure that you find the mortgage that best suits your needs.


As lenders compete for new business they are constantly changing their mortgage offers and bringing new products to the market.  Mortgage interest rates in the UAE have dropped significantly over the past 5 years which means there are lower interest rate mortgage products available. If you have an existing mortgage that is more than 2 years old, you could be paying more interest than you need to every month. If you are a home owner wanting to reduce your monthly mortgage payments or an investor looking to put money in your pocket, taking a closer look at your re-mortgage options is a simple and effective way to save you money. Contact Casa Capital for a free consultation and we may be able to reduce your payments and save you money every month.


Dubai property prices have increased steadily since the correction of 2008-09. This means many home owners and investors have equity built up in their property due to the increase in property prices. Releasing equity from your property can be a great option to raise money to fund home improvements, pay down other debt, or give you access to cash for any purchase or investment you are considering. Equity release can be a viable solution for many of these issues but it is important that you receive guidance and advice from experts who understand the various mortgages and can carefully analyze your situation. By seeking professional advice you can arrange your finances in a more efficient way saving you money in the long term.


Dubai has always been a very attractive opportunity for Non Residents to purchase property. The straightforward legal framework and the unique growth opportunities have attracted many Non resident property buyers. Non Residents looking to purchase a property in the UAE fall into two categories: either they want to purchase for their personal use or they are looking to diversify their investments and are attracted to the region. Previously there were not many lenders with suitable mortgage products for this type for buyer. Recently some very attractive new products have been introduced to the market. It is very important to have a local point of contact who understands the complete property buying process in the UAE and also has the relationships and experience to fully understand the requirements of the various lenders. We have the knowledge and experience to assist all Non Residents.


The Off Plan property market in Dubai has had a checkered past over the last 12 years. The entire property market in Dubai was first ignited in 2002 as a result of the change in property laws to allow foreign ownership. There were hundreds of developments launched over the next 2-3 years and most, if not all, were being sold off plan. This growth came with its own set of problems and challenges for the Dubai real estate market. An over-heated market for the next 5-6 years, combined with excessive greed and speculation, and the overall global market conditions led to the correction of 2008-09. Most lenders bitterly remember the pain and losses they incurred during this period and therefore have been slow to offer off plan mortgages today. There are some lenders today that are offering off plan mortgages but there are many conditions and restrictions which really do require specialist advice. The best way forward is to contact our team and set up a free consultation.


There are a handful of lenders that provide mortgages for commercial property. This includes mortgages for warehouses, shops, and offices. These mortgages can be complicated and come with many conditions and restrictions. That is why most commercial property buyers end up paying cash for these types of purchases. We believe that whether you are a business looking to purchase your own premises or an investor who is attracted to the commercial tenant market, it is very important that you consider what options are available for a commercial mortgage. As a new business this could save you a significant amount of upfront cash and as an investor this will give you greater options for your money. Please send us an inquiry or contact us for a free initial consultation.


In Dubai it is possible to purchase land with a view to construct a residential or commercial property.  Recently the UAE has also allowed lenders to provide mortgages for the purchase of land. This is a recent addition to the UAE’s mortgage market. If you have already purchased land, then we can discuss the options available to release equity from the land for the construction costs of your property. The mortgage products available for land purchases are complex and there are considerable terms and conditions which qualify what type of land can be mortgaged. Therefore it is critical to seek specialist advice from Casa Capital to understand which mortgage products are available in the market place before deciding the best way forward with your land purchase.


We also specialize in sourcing and financing international property. We have a strong network of industry professionals ranging from Solicitors, Receivers, Developers, Real Estate Agents and Lenders based in the UK and many other major markets. Casa Capital offers a complete solution to our clients who are expats wanting to purchase in their home country, first time international buyers or experienced investors looking to diversify their real estate portfolio. Please click below for more information.

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