We are Casa Capital.

Established in 2014 we are a global sourcing independent mortgage brokerage. With over 100 years’ of collective experience in the industry we understand the challenges our clients face and have the experience and expertise to help guide them through the complex process of buying a house, remortgaging or investing in the property market.

Our Independent Stance

Being an independent mortgage broker means we have a unique ability to search the whole of the market to get the best mortgage for our clients and their individual situation.

*This list is not exhaustive

How we work.

1 The first stage in the mortgage process is to understand your needs and requirements along with your personal circumstances. We conduct this via a fact find over the phone or in person, the questions we ask will allow us to better understand your situation allowing us to provide the best advice possible.

2 The second stage is to analyse your requirements then make a recommendation. We will then meet again to sign all of the relevant application forms and collect your documents needed to supplement the application for finance. Once gathered in full we will package and present your file to the bank we recommend.

3 The third stage is to guide you through the entire process from application to the point where you are physically given the keys. There are quite a few issues that do arise when buying property in the UAE and you can be assured that we will be there at each stage to assist and overcome any obstacles that can occur for a seamless and smooth transaction.

Our People

We are a people company. Casa Capital is home to a diverse range of talented people, each bringing their own knowledge and experience to our business. It’s this rich mix of people, personalities and expertise that build the strong client relationships that drive our business forward and set us apart from the competition.

Our Ethos

We are open and transparent. If we cannot assist you for whatever reason we will let you know at the outset. Our guarantee to you is to offer the best experience possible throughout your journey to owning property in the UAE. If we cannot secure you lending we do not get paid, it is that simple.