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Mortgages for UK Buy to Let Property

Many of the buy to let deals available will only be available through independent brokers like Casa Capital. Mortgages for purchases in the UK fall into 2 main catagories:

UK National Expat

As a UK national living abroad there are an abundance of products available to you in buying an investment property in the UK. There are also options for you should you be relocating back to the UK and want to purchase a residential property.

Buy to let property mortgages usually offer 75% loan to value and rates not too far off standard UK but to let rates. Banks will offer capital and repayment and interest only options on most of their products including, variable rates, tracker rates and fixed rates. You also can secure “commercial” buy to let mortgages where a mortgage can be taken if the property is to be bought in the name of a company or a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) without the need to have audited financials etc. In fact the SPV or limited company can still secure finance even if it is only days old.

Foreign National (non UK expat)

Mortgages are also available for UK foreign nationals (non UK nationals) who are wishing to purchase property in the UK. Although products on offer are fewer than those offered to UK expats, there is still a great deal of choice.

You can also purchase the property and take out a mortgage in the name of a company. You would need to seek the advice of a tax accountant before deciding whether to buy in your name or under the name of a company.

Should you be in the UK and have income derived from the UK then our team in the UK will be able to help you with securing the best deal. We are whole of market and have access to every product available in the buy to let space.

When looking to invest in the property market with a buy to let mortgage it's important to remember that the best deals aren’t necessarily about the lowest mortgage rate possible. Our experts will help by researching the market and recommending the best product based on a variety of criteria, such as, the rate available to you, the mortgage set up costs, whether or not the product is portable to another. Regardless of whether you’re investing in the property market for the first time or a professional landlord we can help save you time, effort and money. available to you first.

UAE Refinance Mortgage

Why utilise a broker?

A mortgage is often the biggest financial commitment of a person's life. Normally we seek advice from doctors, lawyers and accountants without questioning the need for their services, why should you take a risk trying to source a mortgage by yourself without the help of a mortgage adviser. Here at Casa Capital we have access to all lending banks in the UK in the BTL space, meaning access to hundreds of mortgage products and solutions. Although most clients are very rate driven, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration when sourcing a mortgage.

Finding the right mortgage for UK Buy to Let property?

There are three steps to finding the right mortgage for any client:


The first step in the process is to undertake a call or meeting with you where we will conduct a full fact find to understand your requirements further.


The second step is for us to analyse the information we have gathered in order to start filtering out the banks that are not applicable.


Based on the information we have collected, the research we have undertaken and the analysis of the products available we will then make a recommendation.

Types of Buy To Let mortgages available

There are an abundance of products and choices available in the UK market. Some banks will offer discounted fees directly to brokers and offer products not avialable through high street lenders or comparison sites.

Some banks and institutions will offer the ability to make overpayments free of charge and some even allow you to exit or pay off the mortgage without cost, however no single bank does it all!

In an ideal world it would be great to have a bank offer the lowest rate, the lowest costs and charges, however where a lender appears great in one aspect it could be less appealing in another. That is why it is very important to understand all of your requirements fully before making a recommendation. There is no point in recommending a low rate that comes with mandatory salary transfer if you are unable to transfer salary due to other loan commitments as an example!

The main types of mortgage when you consider rate are as follows:


A fixed rate mortgage is where the bank fixes the interest rate for between 1 and 5 years which protects the rate against fluctuation in the BOE Base rate or the LIBOR rate (depending on the bank).


This type of rate consists of a fixed margin stipulated by the bank plus the prevailing BOE Base rate or LIBOR rate which changes daily (although most banks use a 3 month rolling average rate). If you believe rates will decline then tracker type products are normally a good option.


Some banks will offer a variable rate, an internal rate which is set by various internal departments within the institution. Although variable rates are no overly transparent, they can sometimes be cheaper than fixed rates.

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